About Vista Flags


Our company

Vista Flags has been in business since 2006.  Just like some much bigger companies, we started small and in our garage in La Mirada, CA. 

We quickly out-grew the garage and moved to Brea, California.  Our main business was internet retail of telescopic portable fiberglass flagpoles used for tailgating and for RV's for use on the road. We were known then mainly as Telepole, and we expanded with items related to our flagpoles, like a variety of 3x5 foot flags, NASCAR flags (mostly driver flags), NCAA college flags, Pro Football flags, and a variety of other flags. 

In 2008 we had to contract our business because we lost our main manufacturer, and so we moved back to La Mirada where we had a small retail space. While we were there we were contacted by a distributor of advertising flags (these flags go by a variety of names including the one they called them, Swooper Flags.  Other names are tall flags, feather flags, super flags, flutter flags, advertising flags... to name a few).  From fewer than 100 designs our collection of pre-printed Flutter Flags (as we call them now) has grown to over 1200 designs and we have taken on a new line of what we call Windless Flags, starting with over 300 preprinted designs.

In 2010 we moved to San Dimas, where we are located now, into much larger quarters.  The staff has grown with the business. 

The flag business is a great business to be in.  While we try to provide the best customer service we can, sometimes we just can't meet expectations, or the ball gets dropped for any number of reasons, including some beyond our control.  The nice thing is, unlike some businesses, with flags at least no one dies.  

We have a great product in our feather flags, one that really helps our customers (who are generally businesses) attract attention to their product(s).  We have had lots of reports of how helpful the flags have been, including a barber who thought business had increased at least 15% since he put up the flags.

Our team

We have 6 employees, including the owner, who handle everything from customer service, order processing, packing and shipping, inventory control, custom design, website development and new product development. 

Customer Service 

Customer service is our highest priority. We hope you experience that when doing business with us.