Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Flutter (partial-sleeve) and a Windless (full-sleeve) flag?

A Flutter flag is a partial-sleeved flag, meaning that a few inches of the top of the flag does not have a pole sleeve insert. This allows the top end of the flag to flap in the breeze to catch the attention of your potential customer. If there is little or no wind, the top of the material will fold over itself.

A Windless flag is a full-sleeved flag, meaning that the sleeve insert is sewn to the full curve of the top of the flag. A Windless flag has less movement in the wind, but the entire length of the material at the top is held up and visible at all times. Windless flags are good choice for indoor use.

(Picture above: Partial Sleeve FLUTTER Flag vs. Full Sleeve WINDLESS Flag)

We also have a video demonstrating the difference. Visit our Video FAQs page to view videos.

What is a Ground Mount Stake?

A ground mount stake is a mounting system that you pound into the ground and then set the pole onto. The pole is not intended to be driven into the ground and as such we have a ground mount stake to mount into the ground and secure the pole.

What is a Sleeve & Flag Saver Clip?

A Sleeve & Flag Saver Clip, is a black clip used in combination with our V14H Hybrid Pole sets and any Flutter, Windless, or WindDancer Feather flags. When the Sleeve and Flag Saver is installed correctly, it will eliminate any friction between the pole tip and the flag sleeve, extending the life of your flag sleeve, and it will also keep your flags on the pole in rare wind conditions where the flags are pulled up by updrafts. This clip MUST be installed to prevent friction between the pole tip and sleeve.

How Do I install my Feather Banner Kit (Pole, Mount, Flag and Clip)?

Visit our Video FAQs page for a demonstration on how to set up your pole, mount and flag kit.

How big are the feather banner or swooper© flags?

The feather flags are all 11.5 feet tall and either 2.5 or 3 feet wide depending upon the design that you pick. The poles are 14-16 feet tall and so there is about a 2-4 foot clearance from the bottom of the flag to the ground once the flag is set up on the pole.

Is the printing double-sided or single-sided?

All of the flags are printed single-sided, but is readable from both sides. The image bleeds through to the back of the flag and is the reverse image of the front. This is typically not a problem for people reading the flag since most words can be easily read from their reverse. Double-sided images don't line up with each other, which makes them especially hard to read, especially when the sun shines directly on them. To make a flag double-side, a piece of sun blocking fabric must be inserted in between the two other pieces, but it isn't totally effective, and because of the triple layers of material, double-sided flags are heavier and will not flutter properly.

Back side reverse flutter and windless style feather flags swooper flagsBleed Through printing

Do you print custom flags?

We do offer custom flags. For complete details about custom flags, please visit this link:Custom Flag Instructions.To start an order you'll need first purchase the custom flag. Then emailcustom@vistaflags.comand our designer can help you with the design. Include as much detail as you can about what you want. Logos and graphics must be vector graphics because we are going to enlarge them way up. There is no set up fee and no color fee (these are digitally printed).

If you have Photoshop© you can download the template that we have available and design the flag yourself. Here is the link to the Photoshop© template:

Custom flags can take as long as 3 weeks to print and as much as four days to ship in addition to the printing time.

Also, because of the printing technique the bleed-through to the other side will not be as good as the screen printed stock designs. We get about 70-85% bleed-through with our digital printer, depending on color. The image is still very readable on the back side.

What if I like a stock flag's design, but I want it in a different color or with different wording?

Any changes to existing designs would necessarily be a custom flag. All of our stock designs come "as-is" and changes cannot be made to them without it being a custom flag.

How long does it take ship out a product?

We typically ship all of our products within 48 hours of when they've been ordered. Most places in the United States are 4 shipping days away. You can view our full shipping information here: Shipping and Returns

How long do the flags last?

A flag typically lasts 3-4 months. There are a lot of weather and use variables that can extend or reduce the life of the flag. When you buy a feather flag from our website (if you make an account) you can get the replacement flags at a big discount that make them very affordable.

What kind of weather is appropriate for flying the flag?

We recommend that when the winds get gusty or approximately 30-40 MPH that you bring the flags inside. Winds any stronger than that will destroy the flag and could potentially bend the pole and mount. Precipitation and other stormy conditions will also wear out your flag and it is recommended that the flags be brought in at those times.

What is your warranty?

Our complete Warranty policy can be viewed here: Returns/Warranty

Do you have any options for resellers?

If you are interested in purchasing our flags in order to resell them please send an email inquiry to: sales@vistaflags.comand you'll be given instructions on how to set up an account with us.

All resellers are required to place their orders on our web site and pay the full cost of shipping for the products. There is also a required first-time order of 10 complete feather banner kits (that means 10 poles, 10 flags, and 10 mounts) or 30 flags for all new resellers. After the initial order there are no other quantity requirements on proceeding orders.

Blind drop-shipping is available to resellers and can be handled through the website as well; just make the shipping address to be different than your credit card billing address and our system will interpret this as a drop-ship, with no reference to Vista Flags on any packaging or shipping labels.

What is your return policy?

Our full return policy can be viewed here: Shipping and Returns

Do you have a Catalog?

At this time, Vista Flags does not have a print catalog, but you can view our online catalogs here. PLEASE NOTE: The file sizes are large and may take a while to display the entire catalog on screen.

To see all our Flutter and Windless style Feather banner flags, organized by category, click this link: Feather Flags Catalog - Categorically

To see large images of our Flutter and Windless Feather banner flags, organized by category, click here: Feather Flags Catalog - Large Image

Our Best Selling Feather Flags can be found here: Feather Flags Catalog - Best Sellers

To view Alphabetically, use this link: Feather Flags Catalog - Alphabetically

To view our newest designs, use this link: Feather Flags Catalog - Newest

We try to keep these charts up to date with the latest inventory. We also maintain our website inventory very closely. If we can't get a particular flag we will turn it off on our website.