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CUSTOM Two-Sided (2) Windless Feather Banner Flag ONLY (11 x 2.5 Feet)



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This flag is 11 feet tall.
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Do you need your own words, logo, and colors on a feather style flag? This is the product for you!

These two-sided flags are excellent for advertising outdoors and indoors (tradeshows, events, etc.) and when you need your logo to run horizontally along the length of the flag (sideways).

We have some of the most competitive rates in the industry. These flags are digitally printed with a photo-quality ink jet printer, on high quality two-sided poly-knit polyester block-out flag material, so you can have any color and any design you want! (Anything you can print on paper we can print on a flag). The banner is made of polyester for long life and bright colors.

The image is printed on both sides of the fabric so your message reads correctly no matter which way the flag is viewed. A layer of material in the middle blocks the sun, so the image is readable even in full sun. Our inks are UV Resistant for long life in the sun.

Make sure your potential customers can find you and know what you sell. These huge 11 foot by 2.5 foot banners are designed to draw attention to you. They really work!

Double sided eleven foot custom flag

Pole and Mount sold separately.

NOTE: If you order the Custom Flag ONLY (no kit), you must have poles designed for use with this flag. We are not responsible for knowing if you have the correct poles for your application/use of the flag.  If you order the Custom Flag KIT, we will provide you with the correct pole set for your flag. Click here to go to the Custom 2-Sided Feather Banner Kit (Includes the Flag, 14 Foot pole, and Ground Mount Stake).

Click here to see the tire mounting kit (mount and pole).
Click here to see the ground mounting kit (mount and pole).
Click here to see the hard surface mounting kit (flat base, water bag weight and pole).

A Custom Feather Banner flag is a handmade product (made in the USA). This includes large-scale digital printing and individual sewing. Custom Feather Banner flags can be printed with just about anything you want put on them.  It is very much like printing from your computer to a printer, except that we are printing on fabric.

A Custom Feather Banner flag is a handmade product (made in the USA). This includes large-scale digital printing and individual sewing. Average turnaround production time is 7 days AFTER the approved design is submitted to the printer, plus transit shipping time. We will not promise a custom flag order any earlier than this.

To start an order you’ll need to first purchase the custom flag. We do not do any design work without a paid order. Add this item to your cart, and then during checkout, enter your design instructions into the COMMENTS box that appears right before payment. This will include your color choices, your text message, any themes, etc. Any logos or graphics, as well as ALL custom flag related correspondence should be sent to: To preserve a "virtual paper trail", we communicate via email, ONLY.

Because of the weight of the fabric we only produce this product as a windless flag 

A Windless flag is a full-sleeved flag, meaning that the sleeve insert is sewn to the full curve of the top of the flag. A Windless flag has less movement in the wind, but the entire length of the material at the top is held up and visible at all times.  

This product is double-sided. The main advantage of double-sided flags is that they read correctly on both sides. This is especially useful for indoor applications and for long logos or text that is horizontal and turned sideways to run the length of the flag. Our flags are printed with extra ink cartridges (like a photo printer) so we can get colors others can't. The main disadvantages of this type flag is that it is much heavier and is more like a sign than a flag. The black block-out center layer of material also effects the brilliancy of the white outer layers, so our colors are a bit muted when compared with the brilliant white of the single-sided flag.

There is no issue with bleed through. Each side of the flag gets 100% of the ink which doesn't bleed through to the other side because of the inner block-out fabric layer. Bleed-through is an issue with single-sided flags, but not double-sided ones.

Our Custom Double-Sided Feather Banner flags are 11 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide. We can make them shorter that this by request or even wider. But because of the weight we recommend this particular height and width.

We provide FREE design services for simple designs.

During checkout, enter your design instructions into the COMMENTS box that appears right before the payment section. Include your color/theme choices, your text message, etc. Include as much detail as you can about what you want. Logos and graphics need to be sent to: Images and logos must be vector graphics (usually file types ending in PDF or EPS) because we are going to enlarge them. There is no set-up fee and no color fee (these are digitally printed). The first draft and first revision of the design will be free. There will be a $15 charge for revisions after the initial one. Please be as specific as possible when requesting your flag design. Turn-around time on flag design is one to two days.  When we design a flag for you we will send you images for your final approval.  We will not print a flag without your written approval of the design.

If you have the Adobe Photoshop™ or Illustrator™ application, you may choose to download the template that we have available and design the flag yourself.   You can download the template and instructions here. Illustrator™ users can open up the Photoshop™ file in Illustrator™ and work with it there.    Before sending the file to save it without layers in TIFF format.  Please do not alter the template, except to add your design to it. Please don't design on the safe layer. Your design should bleed to the edges. Since we use a CMYKcm printer, you can design in RGB rather than CMYK, for optimal color choices.

Screen Proofs depict Design Layout, Text Accuracy & Image Placement, but will only ESTIMATE Color Matching or Color Density. We DO NOT guarantee that the Custom Printed Flag will match the color displayed on your Computer Monitor or Printer exactly.  Fabric has a different density than paper (more porus so less ink can stick to it) so flags will look differently. We can match colors fairly well.

Vista Flags has no upload capability on our web site, so we communicate via email. Since we need everything in writing, all correspondence concerning custom flags is done via email. Once we receive your email indicating a design as APPROVED, Vista Flags is released from ALL liabilities for any errors including, but not limited to: Grammar, Spelling, Color Matching, Size, Image Placement, Resolution, and Color Density. Custom flags are NOT returnable.

If left out in the weather 24/7, Feather Banner flags will last an average of 4-6 months, depending on conditions. You will get longer life by taking them in at night and putting them up in the mornings, and by not flying them in high wind conditions. Please take that into consideration prior to purchasing.

While we try to match the colors as accurately as possible, a variety of things will alter the colors, some of which are beyond our control (currently) including humidity.  Inks respond differently to temperature (we put it through a heater) and can change from batch to batch.  If you are designing your own flag and it contains yellow, make it at pure as possible (100% Yellow - 0% everything else), slight percentages of other colors may turn the yellow green. Custom flags are not returnable.

The purpose of the flag is typically to get your message out to your potential customer as quickly and accurately as possible.  So keep the message simple. The more text is on the flag the harder it is for a customer to figure out what you do or sell. As much as possible make your main message vertical. The human mind has a great capacity to read the message vertically, even from the back side (reverse). Text and graphics run sideways are fine for double-sided flags and are one main reason to purchase a double-sided flag rather than a single-sided flag where horizontal text or graphics are really unreadable from the back (reverse) side.


Not all cities allow this type of advertising and custom flags are NOT returnable. Please check with your local authorities before purchasing to make sure you can display this type of advertising. We are not responsible for knowing if you have the correct poles for your application/use of the flag.

Return Policy

General Return Policy - If we have subsized the shipping, returned products will be charged the balance of our shipping costs as well as a 15% restocking fee. Used products cannot be returned. Products must be new in original packaging.

Custom Printed Products - Custom Printed Products are non-returnable. If you are unhappy with them, please let us know the nature of the problem so we can attempt to rectify it for you.

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